BITC BERG Volunteers

Landmarc volunteers from the North, South East and South West are supporting Business In the Community’s (BITC) Prince’s Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG).

The network, founded by BITC’s Royal Founding Patron, the Prince of Wales, was primarily set up to help small businesses and their communities prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies such as this year's Beast From the East and the flooding experienced in the North in 2015.

There is also a response arm to BERG, known as the Local Resilience Support Group initiative that supports all aspects of communities, not just small businesses. This initiative works by enabling volunteers to assist local resilience bodies affected by crises by matching the resources of BITC's 700-strong big business membership with identified local needs.

As a business, we have a wealth of experience of working with our Armed Forces, the Emergency Services and our communities to support emergency situations. We are therefore delighted to formalise this support through the BITC.

Hannah Tankard, Programme Manager – Response and Recovery at BITC, said, "The BERG campaign has recruited individuals from BITC's membership with an interest in risk and resilience across the UK. Our volunteers will allow BITC to be better represented and connected locally and regionally, not just in emergencies but in 'peace time' as well. Their role will become part of a network that helps businesses and communities to recover more quickly from emergencies."

Why volunteer?

“I wanted to volunteer for the role because I think this will be a great opportunity to give a bit back to the community, not just where I live but throughout the region, and it’s not a role that will be very common, it’s something a bit different from the rest of our days.

“Whilst the role feels very new, the premise is very good and just what’s required when things start to go wrong. I hope I can help businesses in the coming months, and even years, to stay on their feet.”

Paul Hutton,  Built Estate Delivery Advisor, South East

“I’d been looking for an opportunity to ‘give something back’ for some time, so when this opportunity arose, it felt straight away like it had my name on it. I really enjoyed my first training session - it was fun to spend some time with the other new volunteers who were an energetic and engaging bunch!  I’m looking forward to learning more and (hopefully) being useful.”

Paul Fisher, Programme Manager, South West

“Having spent time in previous roles helping to deal with emergencies, both internationally and more locally, from floods to typhoons, I have seen examples of both good and bad recoveries taking place. I therefore appreciate how a more coordinated approach can help those in need both during and after a life changing event when sometimes obtaining the simplest of things can be a struggle. This will be a great opportunity to help others in their time of need and both BITC and the BERG programme sit well within my values and those of Landmarc by giving back to the communities around us.”

Jason Watkin, Area Delivery Manager, North