The theme for 2023’s National Apprenticeship Week is ‘skills for life’ – shining a spotlight on the importance of continuing career development. To help support the campaign, we are featuring a number of our apprentices this week, who are all at different stages of their programme. Corin Grant, a Training Area Operative based at Tregantle Fort in Southeast Cornwall is currently studying a 12-month team leader/supervisor apprenticeship. Here he talks to us about his experience to date.​

“Joining Landmarc marks the second stage in my career, having gained extensive experience during my time in the Armed Forces. 

“That’s what drew me to working towards a further qualification – that ability to take what I learned during my military career and bring those skills to help with the management of people, developing relationships and delivering results.

“I’m 92 per cent of the way through the apprenticeship now, and thanks to the support from my line manager and team leader, the primary training advisor and of course all my colleagues, I’ve found balancing my day-to-day responsibilities with studying very straightforward.  My armed forces background helped teach me self-discipline, so I tend to complete my assignments as soon as I can, so that I can manage my work and study time in a positive way.

“The apprenticeship is teaching me some really valuable skills around effective leadership and supervision of people and I’m hoping to become a team leader within the next 12 months – and then enjoy the chance to pass on my experiences and knowledge to others.

“If you were to ask me what advice I would give to other colleagues who are considering an apprenticeship, I would say it’s a great opportunity to stand out. Demonstrate your determination clearly – whether it is by being proactive with your workload or putting the most into your learning. Using this time and opportunity wisely is essential as well as making positive connections, as you never know where it may lead in the future.”​​

Watch Corin Grant at work in this short reel.