Landmarc provides professional support and consultancy for the management of rural and built environments. With extensive experience in the management of rural and widespread estates, we undertake commercial property management for more than 500,000 acres of land and over 1,600 properties across the UK.

Our in-depth understanding of rural and facility management enables us to confidently offer a full range of solutions that go beyond the management and maintenance of a location. Additional services include administrative support for lease and tenant management, marketing for assets and facilities, rent collection and agricultural leases.


Our pedigree in large-scale government land management has equipped us with the expertise in how to effectively preside over any location.

This pool of experience has created an unrivalled source of information concerning environmental management plans, natural and historical conservation, waste management, lettings, leases and terms for tenanted estates, recreational and casual use, compliance and legislation, town and country planning and ecological and archaeological survey work.

Rural Estates

Through a skilled and experienced team of rural estate managers, foresters, nature conservationists, archaeologists and estate workers, we look after 220,000 hectares of some of the most valuable habitats and landscapes in Great Britain.

This includes over 40,000 hectares in National Parks, 70,000 hectares of nature conservation sites, 20,000 hectares of woodland and 1,600 hectares of wetlands.