Landmarc have over a decade of experience in supporting safety in explosives. From ammunition receipt, storage and issue to training, our Explosives services cover the full spectrum from Small Arms Ammunition (SAA) right through to large-scale Guided Munitions.

We maintain and support over 25 licensed ammunition storage facilities across the UK, providing both consultancy and practical delivery of explosives management.  Working in strict accordance to each sites individual requirements we provide specialist advice on explosive licensing and the implementation of procedures, ensuring that both MOD organisations and all contractors observe important regulatory responsibilities.


In a specialist area such as explosives there is no margin for error. The receipt, issuing and storage of ammunition requires complete compliance with national legislation and explosive licensing procedures.

Our years of experience, provides invaluable advice and knowledge on regulations and legislation, plus further essentials on the management, control, storage, security and disposal of explosive ordnance.

Our ammunition consultancy provides detailed recommendations based on international standards, covering all aspects of ammunition management and explosive safety in a multiple user and fast moving environment.


Our construction service is that vital offering that means from design, to build, to maintenance and management we can offer a full service solution. Our build capabilities supply clients with project management and the physical build of storage depots and ammunition bunkers, exactly to specification and with stringent processes reflecting the requirements of legislation.

With a constant awareness of safety, with every build we also provide operational manuals for forward use, ensuring the commissioned facilities are always run appropriately and with the minimum of risk.


Training will establish best-practises in a working environment. We can train the staff of the facility and the end user (e.g. military, police, civil defence) in the proper handling and control of ammunition and explosives.

We also offer management level training, so that they can properly support staff working in these safety critical roles.