At Landmarc we have a proven ability to instigate new opportunities for our clients, which either result in reduced running costs, or the provision of alternative sources of income generation. Our innovative approach to unlocking the commercial potential and third party revenues from estates and facilities, creates valuable assets from existing sites.

We advise on acquisitions, the disposal of surplus assets and provide the management of events and activities, ensuring they never compromise the core activity and output of a facility.

Opportunities to generate sustainable income include commercial filming, private sporting activities, product testing and usage by hobby clubs. Landmarc manages over 2,000 individual activities per year and from these third party opportunities we generate over £1.5 million a year in additional revenue for our customers.


Our commercial consultancy begins with analysis and advice on the client’s portfolio, this may be in the form of ‘right-sizing’, suggesting the sale or re-purposing of underused or under-performing assets, or suggesting untapped possibilities in alternative revenues available to the client.

For any new income generation through third party usage, we advise on target markets and following that any necessary requirements, whether it be in acquisitions, build or licensing.

With the appropriate consultancy, a properly managed facility can become completely self-funding just through third party income.

Location Management

The Landmarc Location Man​agement service, cares for the commercial running of an estate or facility. This can be in the form of administrative support, liaising between customers, users and third parties to ensure no interruption to our client’s core business, or marketing the venues to a variety of organisations across the UK, utilising our links to organisations and industries who may wish to make use of your locations, buildings or facilities.

If what a location requires is a more ‘hands on’ approach, our Facilities Team acts in an on-site capacity ensuring the on-going maintenance and running of the site, ensuring consistent quality for third party usage.

To find out more about how we market your location and facilities please visit our dedicated website.