All training benefits from full research into the training need, identifying the training and facility requirement. The training and facilities designed around this requirement will require a governance process to ensure that the training is effective.

Our pedigree in the Defence sector has played a large part in forming our unrivaled wealth of experience in defence and security training services.

Landmarc can assist as required by the customer, from helping to direct the Training Needs Analysis, through training design to the delivery of the training.

Training Needs Analysis

The ability to identify a client’s particular needs is essential in providing appropriate, valuable training.  An integral part of defining the detailed training requirement might be a full Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

TNA can be time consuming and expensive. Our experience will enable us to assist in directing the TNA thus saving time, effort and money.

Training Design

The ability to design training against a requirement is essential in the training support process. Our provision of services to the UK Armed Forces and police has given us the detailed understanding required for success.

Our training design services will provide training with customer intellectual property, measurable results and the ability to build in through life improvements.

All training will fit to the customers system of training governance, or if not yet in place, we will offer to design a suitable system. Where accreditation of the training is desired, we will work with accrediting bodies to incorporate their requirements in the design of training.

Training Delivery

Landmarc’s highly trained and accredited staff provide the possibility for numerous training packages. Our detailed understanding the customers requirements allows us to deliver training that makes best use of the facilities and gets the best out of those taking part in the exercises.

The importance of successfully delivered training for the defence sector, directly affect the lives of people on the operational front line. This responsibility drives our ambition for better training and the aim to achieving appropriate accreditation for training centres and their courses.

Training range staff is essential to the provision of safe training facilities and the maintenance of 'safe place' conditions.  Landmarc has over 10 years' experience of providing this service to the UK Armed Forces and has designed an accredited training system to ensure compliance, which can be adapted to suit the delivery, supervisor and manager levels.

Facilities Management

Our provision of Hard and Soft Facilities Management (FM) services is used across a diverse portfolio of buildings and grounds and has played an essential role in maintaining the training estates of the MOD, establishing each site as a valuable military asset.

Whether it be a full-service solution or just a partial aspect of our facilities management, our experience covers; mechanical building systems including compliance planning, electrical systems and gas systems for Hard FM services and catering, cleaning, security, IT support, 24/7 helpdesk and ground maintenance as Soft FM services.

The effective management of buildings and facilities, in accordance with the customers objectives, supports better training.  The seamless provision of background support combined with the day-to-day training activity, ensures both an enhanced training experience and a reduced risk to participants.