To successfully manage assets requires the insight of an experienced hand. We provide a value added service that always seeks to refine efficiencies, reduce running costs and reduce the CO2 impact of our clients businesses.

Our work with major landowners and in particular with the MOD has equipped us with a great deal of experience in improving processes, specifically in concerns with energy production and waste management.

In response to our idea of Elemental Support we have commissioned first hand research on effective renewable energy sources and the optimisation of existing sources. With a wealth of knowledge and an innovative approach to integrated services, we can reduce our clients  contributions to landfill, reduce carbon emissions, whilst still reducing running costs and increasing service value.

Energy Audits

Our energy management team has audited thousands of buildings from aircraft hangers to garden sheds, by producing an energy footprint for each building on a site, we can build a comprehensive picture of energy usage for an entire estate.

The granularity of our reports provide the perfect source for our managers to quickly recognise and remedy energy wastage with targeted investment.

Energy Management and Reporting

Once surveying is complete, we go on to develop and implement energy management plans and investment strategies. These can include bespoke energy management and data collection portals that give our clients both access to and control of the data and energy usage on their estate.

Energy Infrastructure

We have over a decade of experience in building and maintaining a wide variety of traditional and renewable energy infrastructures including heat pumps, solar farms, off grid micro solutions, voltage optimisations and energy control systems.

Our experience in working with remote, historically and scientifically important sites has created a flexible service culture that is able to respond with cost effective, exacting measures. Our ability to adapt is a large part of our success in rural estate management and land management in general, as it requires an innovative combination of skills, technologies and an advanced sense of project management.

Waste Management

We design and operate a range of waste management solutions for our clients, from simple waste contract procurement, through to the operation of waste sorting facilities, recycling brokerage and waste reduction programmes.

By reducing the production of waste we are reducing the cost of landfill use, reducing carbon emissions and creating possible revenue streams through the repurposing of certain wastes. Our successful waste reduction programmes reduce materials entering the supply chain and works on changing the behaviours of site users generating waste.  We believe that zero waste to landfill is possible and are passionately committed to making this a reality for our clients.