Landmarc Support Services (Landmarc) is the international provider of choice for integrated training and infrastructure solutions.  We specialise as capability integrators, providing advice and facilitating the delivery of dependable, sustainable solutions, prized by our customers. Since 2011 the Business Development Team have been working to expand the business in the Middle East and Mainland Europe.

For more than a decade, Landmarc has managed and delivered an efficient, continuously improving service to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).  In 2003 the UK Government selected Landmarc to deliver a 10-year, £1 Billion contract in support of Defence Training. Subsequently, under competition we won an expanded contract to deliver the National Training Estate Prime.

We have delivered enhancements that have dramatically increased the utilisation of and operational delivery from the UK Armed Forces training estate. We have enriched the quality of training by refining and enhancing the immersive training environments that the Armed Forces use. We have achieved this by using our in-depth knowledge of military ethos and operational methodologies, and our personal experience of the challenges of frontline operations.

Building on this experience, Landmarc now offers truly insightful, innovative consultancy and practical services supporting critical infrastructure and helping to deliver military and civil protection training across the world.

Our unrivalled and experience brings a unique perspective on the management of critical environments. Not only can we provide a truly global service, we can also offer a flexible, equipment neutral stance that will ensure safe delivery and value for money.