Landmarc offers a comprehensive range of services, which we deliver in partnership with our customers. We tailor our offering to exactly meet our customer’s requirements, providing a bespoke, “best fit” solution.

Flexible Service Options

We work closely with each customer to agree their particular needs and success criteria, and supply just what is required – not more and not less.  In this way Landmarc is not just a contractor but a strategic delivery partner. The flexibility of this model is shown below.

The graphic shows two options in the spectrum of the Landmarc delivery model. Our offering allows customers to choose just the services they need us to deliver

Supplier Neutral

Landmarc is “supplier neutral”. We are not concerned with trying to provide services beyond our scope.  But where the customer has a wider requirement to procure complementary supporting assets or infrastructure we can offer to lead or advise on that procurement without any bias. This provides surety of value-for-money, based on a holistic understanding of the customer's objectives, and a best possible fit in line with requirements and budget.