Landmarcs, experience in the defence and armed response sector has given us unique experience in ranges, simulation and training area design and delivery. We are pleased to offer consultancy services in all aspects of these specialist areas. Landmarc is willing to deliver all or part of our services, as required by the customer; please refer to Not just "another" company

Range Design

Landmarc has developed a bespoke range design system that can operate with any grid or projection and any ballistic information provided by the customer. The system is based on GIS mapping and advanced GPS survey instruments.  Please see the attached case study.

Range Development and Delivery

The core of Landmarcs contract with the UK MoD since 2003 (Vanguard and NTEP) has been all about the improvement of operations and delivery on ranges, simulators, training areas and supporting assets. We will adapt this unique experience to any customers requirements. Please see the attached case studies.  

Simulator Development and Delivery

Across the breadth of our contracts we delivery a variety of simulation from highly technical electronic systems, to low-tech physical simulations. Please see the attached case studies.

Explosive Management

Landmarc have over a decade of experience in supporting safety in explosives. From ammunition receipt, storage and issue to training, our Explosives services cover the full spectrum from Small Arms Ammunition (SAA) right through to large-scale Guided Munitions.

We maintain and support over 25 licensed ammunition storage facilities across the UK, providing both consultancy and practical delivery of explosives management.  Working in strict accordance to each sites individual requirements we provide specialist advice on explosive licensing and the implementation of procedures, ensuring that both MoD organisations and all contractors observe important regulatory responsibilities.

Range and Training Area "Safe Place" Provision

Having a Safe System of Training (SST) in place is essential to ensure that all those on the area are kept safe from other training activities and that the general public are excluded and kept safe while training is conducted.
Landmarc are responsible to the UK MoD for ensuring that “Safe Place”, a key component of the SST, is maintained while training is conducted. Some important parts of Safe Place might be Range Orders, Range Control Operations, Patrols, Manned Barriers & Warning Flags
We will use this experience to assist our customer's, from producing risk assessments through to the full provision of Safe Place on a customer's training facilities, as required.

Training Facility Delivery

Our world class provision of training facility management, maintenance and development is delivered across the full variety of ranges for all weapon systems, ground, sea and air.
We have the proven capabilities to take on and improve any type of range, simulator or training area at any point in its life-cycle, form the initial design of a new facility, through to improvement of an existing facility for a new training need.
We will use our proven experience and neutral vendor position, to assist our customer's with the value for money design, construction and delivery of any type of range.