Third Party Hero

We have brought in several million pounds of alternative funding annually to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and enhanced relationships with the local community, supporting events. Some examples are:

  • Fighting villages usually used for training Operations in Built Up Areas (OBUA) training are ideal to sites to rent out for Airsoft of Paint Airsoft events
  • Some areas lend themselves to staging major rally events, commercial 4 x 4 driving experiences or lower key. 4 x 4 driving groups
  • Particularly at more remote sites where integration with the local community is particularly important, Landmarc has arranged or sponsored awareness events for the local community
  • Some of the larger areas also host explosive trails or more provide a safe area for the more dangerous hobby activities such as model rocket firings.

Wherever we manage an area, we will bring this experience to bear in not only arranging for additional revenue streams, but also increasing the involvement and awareness of the local community about estate activities.