Our value to clients is often most notable in the initiatives we take. This idea of valuable initiative is often seen in the way we tackle neglected areas of income and underperforming investments.

In 2007, a Low Level Urban Skills Trainer (LLUST) was commissioned on the Defence training estate in Wales. LLUST is a computerised system, which using electronic tagging, is able to track a unit's movements and weapon use with extreme accuracy. This information can be viewed in real-time and recorded for debriefing and reviewing purposes.

Due to a lack of demand and the absence of an official custodian, the site remained inoperable. It took Landmarc to recognise the possibilities and benefits of this incredible training facility. Our site warden took over the management of the facility and put in place a system of maintenance, trials and targeted promotion, which quickly transformed the facility into the valuable asset it was meant to be.