Landmarc developed a standard spread sheet that could be used as a national format. This format was then completed for each region showing each range, training facility or supporting facility, such as a ring for perimeter flags and signs around a complex.

At regional level, each sub asset, down to the level of individual target pit, trench, flagpole etc. was added, complete with pictures and GPS location.  Against each of these, local managers used their experience of use and resulting wear, to predict works required, together with the periodicity and cost. This in turn produced an annual maintenance plan and a 10-year forward prediction.

Annual inspections are carried out, to determine the actual wear and maintenance requirement; this allows the maintenance plan for the following year and the 10 year prediction costs to be adjusted for the actual situation on an annual basis.

In order that the process was followed correctly, a comprehensive Guidance Note was produced, describing the complete process, from the use of the spreadsheet to the conduct of inspections and maintenance planning.