Training Village Hero
On a number of sites around the UK, Landmarc is responsible for the maintenance, management and delivery of training villages. These villages are designed largely on European lines, but provide the
necessary structures required for urban warfare and close quarter battle, non-mission specific training.

All the villages provide a variety of structures, normal housing, churches, police stations and petrol stations etc. Scrap vehicles are brought in as required for additional realism and some of the villages have CCTV for after action review. As they are solid structures, live ammunition cannot be used, but
they are proofed against blank, sim-munition and pyrotechnics. Most have facilities for Explosive
Means of Entry (EMOE) training, this may be limited to dry procedures, live on training rigs or live on building structures dependent on local safety requirements. Some villages also have specifically constructed Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) training lanes.