Landmarc's task in the project included the design and build of 3.5 kilometres of new track, the resurfacing of 14 kilometres of existing track, five tank crossings and the establishment of a new link road in an active airfield. The true challenges in this operation are in working to the tight timings and budget in an unpredictable working environment. The new track would require the laying of 60,000 tonnes of aggregate, the equivalent of covering the Wembley pitch with a 100mm thick layer, 42 times. This in itself is a large task, but in conjunction with severe weather consistently dropping below freezing and a deadline to complete within the financial year, it becomes a far more complicated issue.

The success of this project relied on Landmarc's ability to collaborate effectively with a number of parties, whilst still keeping pace with efficient processes. This included organised communications such as consulting the Local Authority Highways Department, to ensure where tanks cross Authority-owned roads all legislation and agreements were met.