Guidance Notes to help complete application forms


  • The form must be completed in black ink or typed.
  • Please ensure that the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form is completed and returned with your application.
  • Follow all of the instructions on the form and within these guidance notes, providing full details where requested.
  • Only use the appropriate form and continuation sheets.Please note: we do not accept CVs as stand-alone documents or as continuation sheets.
  • Your full name, post and reference number you are applying for must be clearly written at the top of any continuation sheets.
  • Continuation Sheets should be firmly secured to the Application Form.
  • Where a closing date is quoted, please return your form by this date.
  • Ensure your completed application form is returned to the correct contact name and address.
  • Applications will not be acknowledged.If you wish to receive confirmation of receipt, please enclose a Stamped Addressed postcard.

Completed Application Forms to be returned to:

Recruitment Team
Building 150
Westdown Camp

Equal Opportunities Policy



Equality of opportunity is essential to the effectiveness of all employees as well as to achieving good relations among the various workforces. All staff have the right to equality of opportunity in their terms and conditions of employment, career development and advancement and to a working environment free from discrimination and harassment on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, political opinions or age.

Whilst the main responsibility for eliminating discrimination and providing equal opportunity is that of the employer, individual employees at all levels and of all racial groups have responsibilities too. Employees must not discriminate or knowingly aid the employer to do so. Any employee who commits such an offence could be subject to disciplinary action, which may lead to dismissal.


The Company’s policy is to offer equal treatment and opportunities in all respects of employment to men and women regardless of their sex, colour, disability, marital status, race, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnic origins, religious beliefs, political opinions or age.


Each individual will be assessed according to his/her personal capability to carry out a given job. All candidates compete in fair and open competition for vacancies. Selection is on merit and those who are successful must demonstrate their suitability for appointment according to pre-determined job related selection criteria.

Disabled People

The Company seeks to provide employment for disabled people. It will make available to disabled people, on recruitment or subsequently, the fullest possible opportunities for employment, training, career development and promotion, including the taking of reasonable steps to adapt working methods when necessary. 

Career Development & Training

Procedures and practices will be operated such that they do not discriminate and which provide equal opportunities for all employees. Consideration of potential to take on more demanding work or carry greater responsibility will be based on clear and objective assessments of aptitude and ability. All staff will be afforded equal opportunity to benefit from training, assessment and promotion. 


Harassment means unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic, which has  the purpose or effect of violating an individual’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that individual.

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that they treat colleagues and third parties with equity and dignity. Allegations of harassment will be taken seriously and a full investigation undertaken. Anyone found guilty of this offence will be severely disciplined.

Complaints and Grievances

The Company’s aim is to encourage a culture in which people are deterred from attempting to victimise or harass those with whom they work, and who are able to confidentially register any instances which may appear to constitute this and have them resolved without it being a detriment.

Any issues involving discrimination or harassment will be dealt with through the grievance procedure. If it is not possible to discuss the complaint with the immediate line manager, either the next level of management or the HR Manager should be approached.