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Gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish annual statutory calculations showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees. The Landmarc report for 2020 / 2021 is available for you to read below.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 / 2021 

In the UK, Landmarc Support Services, a joint venture between Mitie and American firm PAE, has worked in partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for more than a decade, providing a range of management and support services that enable our Armed Forces to live, work and rain on the UK Defence Training Estate. This includes consultancy, design, management and operation of training areas and ranges; explosives safety; built and rural estate management, including environmental and conservation support; information management and administration services; project management and commercial property management.   

Encouraging diversity 

We have made a long term commitment to encourage females into what has traditionally been seen as a male dominated work environment i.e. facilities and estate management in support of the armed forces. We are challenging the prevailing culture and championing those female employees who have the potential and the desire to pursue careers in any specialism that we use for service delivery. We have had encouraging results across a wide field of activities from Supervisor and Specialist roles right up to Director level. Some personal examples of our successes are detailed below with statements from the individuals themselves.

  1. Kirsty Pearce
  2. Angela Shardlow

We continue to improve diversity awareness through our induction and refresher training much of which is now available on line as e-learning modules. This approach increases uptake and effectiveness in terms of the learning experience.

We intend to link up with our shareholder companies and our client to widen the opportunities for networking for female employees.

An inclusive and diverse workforce

At Landmarc Support Services, we know that a diverse workforce helps us deliver a better customer service.

Our People Strategy aims to combine the skills and experiences of our entire team, with continuous learning and development for all; through family friendly policies, a balanced age profile and a focus on representing different races and cultures.

Our gender profile

We have made a long-term commitment to encourage females into what has traditionally been seen as the male dominated environment of facilities and estate management, in support of the armed forces – with 19% per cent of our workforce now made up of female employees and 81% per cent male. 


Headline gender pay gap figures for the reporting period


Gender Pay Gap:

Mean        6.59% (+0.62%)
Median     9.21% (-2.86%) 

Gender Bonus Gap:

Mean        61.83%
Median     0.00% (+33.03%) 

Percentage of men and women receiving a bonus:

Men         7.17 (-2.27%)
Women   11.67% (+2.62%)

Proportion of male and female colleagues in each pay quartile:

Lower Quartile                      M = 65.77% (-0.57%)                      F = 34.23% (+0.57%)

Lower Middle Quartile           M = 90.60% (+1.00%)                     F = 9.40% (-1.00%)

Upper Middle Quartile           M = 82.55% (-2.48%)                      F = 17.45% (+2.48%)

Upper Quartile                       M = 84.90% (-0.62%)                      F = 15.10% (+0.62%)

We have also captured this information in an infographic, which is available for you to download below.

Mark Neill
Managing Director