Landmarc Support Services and DIO have recently worked together to deliver a major field exercise for 33 Field Hospital on the training areas around Bordon in Hampshire.

The exercise, which started on 17 September and lasted until 19 November, will enable 33 Field Hospital to trial and develop a new capability for UK Defence.

Before the exercise began staff from DIO’s team in the South East facilitated the arrival of 33 Field Hospital by carrying out a GPS survey to assess where the extensive field hospital facilities could best be placed.  After ear-marking the old Martinique Barracks site for the field hospital the team ensured that all the elements involved in supporting such a large scale exercise and extensive facilities were established and put in place.  This included managing road safety for both training troops and the public, ‘grey water’ and refuse removal, deconfliction of other training users, site patrols and issuing public information.

Col Richard Bishop, regional commander for DIO SD South East said:

“DIO’s role is to maximise the potential of the Defence estate to support the Armed Forces.

“The work that the team has put in to support this major exercise – both before and during it – demonstrates our commitment to supporting the Armed Forces as they prepare for operations worldwide.

Prior to the exercise starting Landmarc’s team in the South East made extensive access improvements to the site including cutting back trees and encroaching vegetation, undertaking stone track repairs and removing gravel, grass and leaf litter.

Robert Hodson, Landmarc South East rural manager commented:

“Landmarc works in partnership with DIO to provide services that support the vital training needed to prepare Britain’s Armed Forces for operational success.

“This was a large scale exercise which involved a lot of preparation to make the area ‘exercise ready’. The team on the ground worked well together with our DIO SD Training colleagues to deliver everything that was required to support this exercise.”

Throughout the exercise the DIO training safety marshals conducted daily visits and liaised closely with 33 Field Hospital to provide solutions and iron out any problems that came about as the exercise progressed.

Commanding Officer 33 Field Hospital, Lieutenant Colonel David Woodward said:

“Conducting this exercise is key to our training. We chose Bordon because it is a large training area that has all the facilities that we require.

“At one point during the exercise the hospital site flooded. Thanks to the quick decision making and action that was taken to divert the water the exercise was able to continue.

“The DIO and Landmarc staff at Bordon have been exceptional in supporting us during this major exercise and I am grateful for all their hard work, support and advice.”

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