Delivering a safe and sustainable place to train for our Armed Forces

For nearly two decades Landmarc has been partnering with the Ministry of Defence to ensure the military training estate delivers a safe and sustainable place to train for our armed forces. Part of this commitment is the need to contribute positively to the environment, society and economy, and to support people in the communities that live and work around the sites we manage. We are also responsible for managing some of the most sensitive habitats in the UK, and have an important role as stewards of both protected sites and species.

We were an early adopter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we use as a framework to deliver our sustainable development responsibilities. These are considered not just in terms of environmental sustainability, but what it means to be a responsible business.


Landmarc helps support economic sustainability and local investment by offering meaningful and rewarding career progression for local employees and supporting the economic sustainability of the communities in which we work.



Protecting the environment is a key part of our role. From sustainable land management and forestry, to energy reduction and waste management programmes; we are committed to environmental protection as we make the Defence estate a safe – and sustainable – place to train.


Our corporate social responsibility is shaped by a variety of factors – from our use of local suppliers and the employment opportunities we provide, to the support of tenants and community projects, and the stewardship of the natural capital of the training estate.