There are very few tasks in life that aren’t improved through preparation and this is certainly the case when it comes to military operations. Effective training is the difference between a professional fighting unit and an ineffective congregation and ultimately, the difference between life and death, success and failure.

Our understanding of training facilities includes live fire ranges, dry training areas and all aspects of simulation. Drawing on our comprehensive experience in delivering design and implementation services for Training Facilities in the UK and abroad, we offer innovative and effective training solutions to the military, police and other similar organisations.

Our approach to training facilities services enables our clients to employ as little or as much of our service as they require. Whether it is in the establishment of the training facility, consultancy or construction, right through to turn key management, we have the insight to enhance the entirety of a site at any point in its lifecycle.


Our pedigree in the Defence sector has played a large part in forming our unrivaled wealth of experience and insight. This has proved extremely valuable to our customers in the design, procurement and management of training facilities.

Landmarc's technical consultancy services can cover the whole process of Range or Training Facility procurement, from assistance with establishing the training need, through the production of the specification to running the facility. A key consideration for any customer is that we don't manufacture anything; as a neutral vendor, our advice on equipment and tender processes is always innovative and unbiased, resulting in the best results and best value for money.

We can enter or leave the design, procurement, management process at any point required by the customer.


Our world class provision of range management, maintenance and development is delivered across the full variety of ranges for all weapon systems, ground, sea and air.

We have the proven capabilities to take on and improve any type of range facility at any point in its life-cycle, form the initial design of a new facility, through to improvement of an existing facility for a new training need. Our range design capabilities cater for full ballistic safety planning, providing detailed danger area mapping, as well as the design and construction of hard features.

We will use our proven experience and neutral vendor position, to assist our customer's with the value for money design, construction and delivery of any type of range.

Safe Place Provision

Having a Safe System of Training (SST) in place is essential to ensure that all those on the area are kept safe from other training activities and that the general public are excluded and kept safe while training is conducted.

Landmarc are responsible to the UK MoD for ensuring that “Safe Place”, a key component of the SST, is maintained while training is conducted. Some important parts of Safe Place might be Range Orders, Range Control Operations, Patrols, Manned Barriers & Warning Flags

We will use this experience to assist our customer's, from producing risk assessments through to the full provision of Safe Place on a customer's training facilities, as required.


The breadth of our experience in managing simulation is second to none, on behalf of the UK MoD, we manage and operate a wide range of facilities including Small Arms Trainers, laser force on force, laser equipped fighting villages and instrumented fighting buildings.

Simulation is a major part of modern armed force training, providing a full breadth of facilities. Training might start with students learning basic weapon drills and procedures in a safe environment, through to the immersive simulation of high pressure situations for teams and commanders.

We will use our proven experience and neutral vendor position, to assist our customer's with the procurement and running of simulation facilities that meet the training need and provide value for money.


Delivering on budget and within specification for the built training environment requires both construction ability and a keen sense for project management.

Whether it be a live firing range or training village, catering facility or medical block, all aspects from the design and construction of new facilities to making improvements to existing sites are within our spectrum of services.