We have 1,300 staff work across 120 sites in England, covering an area of 500,000 acres, of which 45,000 acres are Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The management of land on this scale and of this nature, requires a far greater scope for skill and efficiency.

With many of our managed sites being designated for species, habitat and landscape significance at a global, European, national and local level, it is vitally important that we understand the processes necessary for each individual site.

As one of the largest nature conservation management businesses in the UK we have significant experience in all habitat and species areas. It is of great importance to us that we develop solutions that enable significant infrastructure projects to go ahead, on time and on budget, without compromising the integrity of the natural sites we maintain.


We manage 600 agricultural tenants, undertaking all landlord responsibilities including rent review, succession planning and support. Our support also provides years of experience in business development opportunities, improving the efficiencies of land use and suggestions for alternative revenue streams.


We have a dedicated forestry team who undertake all aspects of woodland and tree management, from establishing new woodland through to sustainable harvesting and restocking. Our tree health and arboriculture specialists ensure tree health is maintained and proactive measures are taken to ensure disease outbreaks are controlled.

The support of our forestry operation improves the health and quality of our clients timber resources, which then becomes a vital source for income generation and reinvestment in their sites. The woodlands, forests and trees we manage are in some of the UK’s most sensitive landscapes, our skill in managing these assets and environments properly is of world-class calibre.


Our infrastructure services help to built and maintain many thousands of tracks and roads across the UK, from tarmac and paved roads that can cope with main battle tanks, to earth tracks that provide public access to historic monuments.

Many of the projects we work on have been in sensitive mission-critical locations or under severe funding or timing constraints. Our engineering and project management teams have found long-term sustainable solutions that meet this challenges, delivering our services on time and under budget.


We are the only provider of planned preventative maintenance for rural estates. Our sophisticated maintenance systems and processes have been successfully proven over the last 11 years of maintaining rural estate infrastructure.

Thousands of kilometres of fences, roads, drains, have been inspected and maintained. Woodlands, grasslands, picnic sites, access facilities have been visited, documented and have had individual maintenance plans drawn up and implemented. This has given our clients total confidence that their risks have been identified, captured, catalogued and managed. This thorough approach to rural estate and land management enables prioritised investment and ultimately optimises the output and profitability of a site.