Mental health at work commitment

In a survey of UK adults conducted by Business in the Community in partnership with Bupa in 2020, only one in two (51%) of employees say they feel comfortable talking about mental health in the workplace, whilst two in five (39%) report they have experienced a work-related mental health issue in the last year.

The cost of poor mental health to UK employers has been estimated to be between £42 billion and £45 billion, according to the Mental Health and Employers Report published in 2020 by Deloitte and investment in workplace support and interventions remains a key issue.

Help achieve better mental health for all our employees

By signing the Mental Health at Work Commitment, we have committed to achieving better mental health outcomes and a genuine longer-term positive impact on employee wellbeing, joining a growing movement of over 1,000 from a wide range of organisations including Avon Cosmetics, B&Q, Barclays Bank, BT, Bupa UK, Deloitte UK, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Historic England, Marks and Spencer, Pets at Home, Santander UK, Save the Children UK and many more.

Developed with the knowledge and expertise of mental health charities, leading employers and trade organisations, the Mental Health at Work Commitment provides a simple framework for employers who recognise the importance of promoting employee wellbeing. This framework sets out six clear standards based on what best practice has shown is needed to make a difference and better equip employers to create an environment where employees can thrive. These are:  

  • Prioritising mental health in the workplace
  • Creating a culture that drives positive mental health outcomes
  • Promoting an open culture about mental health
  • Increasing our confidence and capability to be able to deal with mental health issues
  • Providing mental health tools and support
  • Increasing transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting

“Mental health is so important and over the past couple of years I have been pleased to witness the increased communication and training that Landmarc provides to its employees on the topic. I am delighted that Landmarc has signed up to the mental health pledge and am so excited to be the director leading on the implementation of our action plan to implement the six standards detailed above. I will be encouraging each and every one of us to take the time to take care of ourselves and work together to achieve the standards to help build a happier and healthier workplace."

Kirsty Pearce, Landmarc’s Corporate Services Director
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