A bright idea from Eddie Jones, General Hand at Cameron Barracks, that was born following Enviropass training has resulted in the building of a compost enclosure that has saved the region approximately £1,500 a year in disposal costs and reduced the grass/leaf waste by approximately 25%.

The idea for the compost enclosure came after I attended the Enviropass training Landmarc rolled out in 2012”, explains Eddie, “the training inspired me to do something to reduce the effects on the environment and in the long run save us some money too.”
Eddie went to the Estate Manager at Inverness, Craig Munro, with his idea, who agreed that it was an excellent plan and gained the necessary approvals for the project to go ahead.

Craig provided the drawings for the area, and by January 2013 the materials had been sourced. Eddie, Barry Geddes, Bob Niven and John MacBain built the enclosure within two weeks and money is already being saved.

It costs approximately £1,000 every time a rural skip containing grass/leaf waste is emptied and as a direct result of the compost enclosure, the waste has been reduced by approximately 25% resulting in a £1,500 a year saving. A reduction in the carbon footprint of the camp is evident, as is the increase in local wildlife around the area. Once the compost has rotted down it can be used around the camp for hedgerows and shrubbery.