Landmarc Support Services (Landmarc) has won a new contract with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to manage the MoD National Training Estate Prime contract over a new five-year term. The contract, worth £322m, runs until 2019, with an option to extend for up to a further five years.

This is one of the first of the Next Generation Estate Contracts (NGEC) to be awarded by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), the MoD’s property and services provider.

Landmarc will continue to support DIO to manage military training facilities across the MoD’s 190,000 hectare UK training estate, a position it has held since 2003. The new contract also incorporates more than 30 extra sites including the specialist electronic warfare range at RAF Spadeadam, the air weapons ranges and training facilities at Bovington and Lulworth, as well as Ballykinler and Magilligan in Northern Ireland.

Landmarc will deliver all the services required to ensure that military units undertaking training are successfully booked-in, accommodated, fed, re-fuelled and provided with safe and functional training facilities throughout their stay. This includes office and accommodation services, planned and preventative maintenance, catering, cleaning, vehicle maintenance, logistics, the operation and maintenance of training areas and ranges and maintenance of targetry equipment both in the UK and at other overseas locations.

Landmarc will also ensure that the MoD’s wider obligations as steward of conservation areas, protected species and heritage assets are met through a range of specialist rural estate and land management services.

Steve Utley, Project Director at Landmarc said:

“For the past decade, Landmarc has worked in partnership with DIO to support the vital training that is needed to prepare Britain’s Armed Forces for operational success, as well as supporting the rural communities that live and work around the estate. We are proud to win this new contract with the DIO and look forward to the opportunity to develop this relationship further over the next five years.”

Matt Foley, Head of Future Procurement at Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), MoD said:

“Over the last 10 years, DIO has rationalised our contracting arrangements from over 250 to six manageable NGEC Prime contracts in 2014.

“These are designed to deliver value for money for Defence and the tax payer through a coherent set of firm priced contracts, which further improves financial stability. I look forward to working closely with our new Prime contractors and am confident that the companies selected will meet the high standards required on the Defence estate.”