Landmarc Support Services (Landmarc), is announcing a new partnership which will help hundreds of ex-service personnel into the world of business.

Landmarc, which has established firm links with the armed forces through a decade of support across the MoD National Training Estate, will partner with X-Forces – which helps members of the Armed Forces community to start-up businesses when they leave the services. As part of the partnership, Landmarc will provide mentors to work with X-Forces’ entrepreneurs.  Landmarc will also provide support from its rural enterprise hub in Netheravon, near Salisbury, giving people access to office and meeting space, essential to help get new businesses on their feet.

Speaking at The Hay Festival, where Landmarc is running an ‘Innovation Hub’, Head of Sustainability, Mat Roberts said: “At Landmarc we’re committed to supporting grass roots innovations in rural communities.

“Last year we launched our Landmarc 100 scheme to help small businesses with start-up costs and mentoring support. This year we’re using our presence at the Hay Festival to launch our partnership with X-Forces. From now on the entrepreneurs they work with will be able to benefit from funding we have available and support tailored to their needs.”

X-Forces’ founder and Chief Executive Officer Ms Ren Kapur, said: “Landmarc’s relationship with X-Forces will be invaluable in supporting entrepreneurs from the ex-services’ community, including reservists and spouses, as they start-up their businesses.

“Landmarc is an ideal partner as it is already immersed in the military community and understands the groups with whom X-Forces is working to launch new businesses. With Landmarc as a Corporate Member, we are able to extend the support that we can give to these ambitious individuals embarking on enterprise.”

Launched in 2013, X-Forces has already issued well over £1m in start-up loans and is currently receiving over a dozen new registrations per day from veterans, military spouses, reservists and cadets wishing to engage their support.

L- R: PJ Farr (Countrywide Telecommunications), Ren Kapur (CEO, X-Forces), Mat Roberts (Head of Sustainability, Landmarc), Mike MacKenzie (MD, X-Forces), Phabo Blom (Countrywide Telecommunications). PJ and Phabo, ex-Princess of Wales Royal Regiment are one of the first X-Forces support beneficiaries making the transition from the military into the world of business.

Watch the launch video of our partnership with X-Forces

Watch a video about X-Forces beneficiary-Countrywide Telecoms