The Landmarc and Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) team at the Air Weapons Range in Tain have been out on the beach to have a clear up of all of the washed up debris that has appeared over the last few months. Landmarc’s Team Leader, Neil Munroe, explains more.

Pictured above: Phillip Curtis, DIO’s Training Safety Officer, Neil Munro, Team Leader, Euan Cumming and Paul Grant, Training Area Operatives.  

“On one of the few bright sunny days in November, we had what was the culmination of a long held desire to make a small, but hopefully meaningful, difference to the condition of the beach which is shared between the local town of Tain and the Tain Air Weapons Range, or the ‘bombing range’, as it is known locally.

“I think ever since I can remember I have always wanted to clear some of the larger pieces of debris from the beach, which sadly includes litter such as lumps of concrete, the odd washing machine and old sign posts. Obviously not an easy job to do and one that would be made easier with a bit of assistance.

“I asked the question of both Landmarc and the MOD and was delighted with the enthusiastic support offered from local and regional bosses with regards to people and machinery to help with the job.

“At Tain we have a good selection of suitable plant and machinery which would normally be used to maintain the range for operational use, so when the green light was given it was just a case of deciding on a suitable day.

“With Friday 6 November decided on it was simply a case of getting our suitably clad staff transported safely down to the beach and hopefully not needing the rainwear. I had even asked for the tide to be delayed, but the chairman of the Tain Community Council failed to come good on that!

“As you can see from the photos, the sun did shine all day, and a good productive morning was had by all, while observing the necessary COVID-19 guidelines.

“Some of the rubbish must have been there for at least 30 years or so, and in all seriousness really made this operation entirely worthwhile and one that all the staff here at Tain were glad and proud to be a part of.

“Time and tide literally wait for no one, so with this in mind we wound up our beach clean at about mid-day.

“Thank you so much to; Al Coleman, Area Delivery Manager, Maj (ret) Philip Curtis, DIO Training Safety Officer (TSO), Billy Livingstone and Zoe Cumming, site photographer and Tain management respectively.

Also thanks go to Euan ‘the digger man’ Cumming and Paul Grant, who I think was picking litter all the way round to Glen Morangie Distillery, as well as  the rest of the staff who made it down to the beach and back.

“It is good to see MOD, private business and a desire from local people to help make and keep this area as beautiful as possible.”