Landmarc has always been committed to promoting equality and diversity, embracing a culture that actively values different backgrounds and experiences.  We aim to be an inclusive organisation, where diversity is valued, respected and built upon, with a team that reflects the communities we serve.

Recently, the HR Team has been reviewing how we can expand on this commitment and is working with the business to establish a number of employee networks. Employee networks are voluntary groups of employees that come together based on shared identities or life experiences. They are designed to create supportive environments that can often enhance career development and contribute to personal development at work, as well as providing much needed emotional support in many cases.  What is critical to the success of any employee network is that it is built by staff, for staff, so we have started our journey by talking to IT Service Manager, Ellie Petty, who has been exploring the possibility of establishing an LGBTQ+ network with a number of colleagues for some time. Ellie says…

Pictured above: Landmarc’s LGBTQ+ Champions Adam Hudson, Ellie Petty and Sebastian Blake prepare to support Salisbury Pride.

“I am excited about being given this opportunity to help establish Landmarc’s first employee network, StandOUT, which will be for members of the LGBTQ+ community, and I am enthusiastic about making it a success.  During my two and a half years at Landmarc I have met LGBTQ+ staff members, along with those who are allies with brothers, sisters, children or relatives, who all form part of the LGBTQ+ community. Having been within a LGBTQ+ Network committee previously, I can see the value of having a confidential support network at Landmarc. Having the ability to tap into resources to help find information on LGBTQ+ support or guidance and to be able to have an open conversation around how someone is feeling about themselves or a loved one is often really valuable.

“During our first meeting we have taken steps to establish a committee and start formulating ideas, aims and strategies for how we can make this network a success. As a starting point, our objectives include:

P eer-to-peer Support: ​Providing a space for LGBTQ+ staff to seek advice or support from within the StandOUT Network
R aising awareness: ​Providing information and a better understanding of LGBTQ+ inclusion
I mproving wellbeing: ​Allowing employees to be authentically themselves at Landmarc
D emonstrating accountability: ​Improving documents and processes through review and feedback to ensure LGBTQ+ inclusion is embedded across Landmarc.
E xpanding our network ​and forming collaborative partnerships to help share resources and information to grow our network.

“If you work for Landmarc and would like to join or receive further information about StandOUT, please contact me by emailing [email protected].

“We commit to maintaining confidentiality where requested and will continue to keep employees up to date with progress and what our next actions will be.”