Recently, our HR Team has been exploring how we can establish a range of employee networks within the business to help bring together groups of employees based on shared identities or life experiences. Last month, StandOUT was launched for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Now, as part of our week-long celebration of International Women’s Day, Tamsin Gee, HR Advisor, talks about her aspiration to launch a women’s network, which will be designed to empower and increase the confidence of women working at Landmarc.

“Employee networks are designed to create supportive environments to groups of employees who share the same identities or life experiences. Currently 20 per cent of Landmarc employees are female and I think it’s important to embrace this community by creating a safe space where women can access resources to help find information, support and guidance on subjects affecting women. Think career development, personal development, mental and physical heath issues, and in many cases, emotional support for all of life’s ups and downs.

“Having been involved in a women’s network previously, I can really see the benefits of having something similar at Landmarc. My experience began when I moved back to my home town after my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was completing an MSc in Human Resource Management at the time and decided to look for some voluntary work. In doing so, I found a wonderful organisation called Dundee International Women’s Centre. The aim of this organisation is to empower women, help them gain confidence, skills, education and in general improve the lives of women living in Dundee. I joined their Board of Directors and took on a number of roles during my time there, including HR Director and Chair of the Board.

“My expectation on joining the Board was that I would be giving free HR advice to a charity that could not afford their own HR person and in return I would keep my hand in the HR world whilst studying for my MSc and caring for my father. However, the experience turned into so much more than that.

“Rather than me just helping a charity, the charity helped me through what was one of the most challenging times of my life. The networks I formed when serving on the Board were a source of support through the death of my father and also through my career progression afterwards to more senior HR roles. When I sat in my first board meeting, surrounded by older successful and very opinionated ladies, I would not have imagined that a couple of years down the line I would be chairing those meetings. Furthermore, being surrounded by a diverse group of strong women was enriching and it gave me insights into different cultures and age groups to which I would not have otherwise been exposed to.  Also, through that network, I joined many other networks and became a committee member for my local Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

“This is why I am so excited about helping Landmarc to form its very own women’s network, which I hope will provide similar experiences for our female employees. If you are a Landmarc employee and would like to be involved in the establishing of this group, please email me at [email protected].