Landmarc Support Services and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) have managed a record 12 months of programme delivery on the Defence Training Estate (DTE) for a second consecutive year. After financial year 2020 / 2021 had already been Landmarc and DTE’s busiest year to date, last year continued to see a huge investment in the Ministry of Defence (MOD)’s 190,000 hectare built and rural military training estate, to improve facilities for training troops.

Pictured: an aerial view of the six new net-zero carbon buildings at Nesscliff Training Area. [Copyright Reds10]

A total value of around £84m was invested, which is an impressive 68 per cent increase on the £50m spent in the previous year.

Working in partnership with DIO, Landmarc provides the support services that enable the Armed Forces to live, work and train on the MOD’s UK DTE. One of Landmarc’s highest priorities is to deliver the Command Infrastructure Delivery Plan (CIDP), a plan developed by the Army that details what infrastructure work is needed across the Training Estate. Over 80 per cent (by volume) of Landmarc’s overall infrastructure improvement programme is made up of CIDP tasks, which are managed by its programme delivery teams, supported by core staff and the wider support functions within the business.

The Net-Zero Carbon Accommodation Programme (NetCAP) has dominated programme delivery over the last two years, with phenomenal developments on sites across the UK, and a further 35 buildings scheduled for delivery this financial year. It is a critical contribution to the government’s target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, whilst improving the lived experience for Armed Forces personnel using the defence estate to train. The current programme will provide more than 3,900 new bed spaces and save a massive 9,100 tonnes of carbon.

Peter Nicol, Programme Director at Landmarc, comments, “We have completed around 1,100 individual tasks over the last year. Of course, NetCAP has been and continues to be a big investment which draws in even greater results, but the last 12 months have also seen Landmarc and DIO deliver vast improvements across the wider rural and built estate.

“Various range upgrades across the UK, a state of the art range tower at Castlemartin, a new pedestrian footbridge at Knook Camp, a new armoury and magazine facility in the Scotland and Northern Ireland region and significant investment into preserving the rural estate, have all been headline projects over the last 12 months that have made this our best year to date. We are proud to have made such a contribution to defence with projects that will ensure our Armed Forces continue to have the world class training facilities that they deserve.”