Landmarc is proud to have pledged gold sponsorship in support of Jon White, who was injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while serving as a Captain with 40 Commando Royal Marines on Op HERRICK in Afghanistan, and consequently lost both legs above the knee and his right arm at his elbow.   Since June 2010, Jon has been continually seeking new challenges and proving that a strong will and sharp mind can overcome almost anything.   Jon comments: “I have completed the Devizes to Westminster (DW) Kayak marathon twice since being injured in Afghanistan. The DW is considered the toughest kayak race in the world and averages 30% drop out. “After the second race in 2019, I took up Marathon and Ocean Racing. I had not considered serious competition before as para-sport simply does not cater for my level of injuries! However, my competence and ability started to make me competitive outside of para-sport and I am now ready to compete.” Up until July 2019, the only para discipline in kayaking was the 200m Sprint, which is part of the Paralympics. Jon’s ground-breaking performances have opened up Ocean Racing to the para-athlete community and now Marathon racing is also being considered. Now Jon is looking to compete across all three disciplines over the next five years. Landmarc’s sponsorship will go towards adapted equipment and specialist prosthetic limbs for Jon, as well as race entry, travel and the costs of safety support and coaching. Jon also hopes to raise funds and awareness to support other Royal Marines.     Mark Neill, Managing Director at Landmarc, added: “When we heard of Jon’s endeavours, we had to offer our support. Being a veteran myself and having 25% of Landmarc’s workforce made up of veterans and reservists, we know just how important it is to offer our continued commitment to Armed Forces communities. “It’s clear that Jon shares many of our values and is fully committed to his goal of competing across Sprint, Ocean Racing and Marathon events over the next five years. Hopefully, our support will help him achieve this and we wish him the best with his preparations for training.”