In a working environment that involves a crucial understanding of the land, environment, infrastructures, people, resources and communities, it is impossible and irresponsible to ignore any positive changes we could make to our everyday working lives. Whether managing a rural estate, or optimising a facility, an appropriate sustainable solution is beneficial to both business and environment.

We look after 220,000 hectares of some of the most valuable habitats and landscapes in Great Britain including over 40,000 hectares of National Park land, 70,000 hectares of nature conservation sites, 20,000 hectares of woodland and 1,600 hectares of wetlands. The experience of our estate managers, foresters, nature conservationists, archaeologists and estate workers provide an elemental understanding of how to better support these environments.

To maintain a sustainable, lasting operation takes a considered approach to environmental change. This means more than a recycling bin in every department, it’s a complete analysis of every process and a change in corporate culture, affecting the way businesses operates at every level.

Part of our internal environmental analysis produced the Landmarc Difference report. Using a unique methodology that looks at the social, economic and natural capital we create for our clients and the communities we inhabit. Published in 2013 the Landmarc Difference report became one of the first such documents to take a truly holistic view of the impacts and benefits of our approach to business.