A joint project between Landmarc Support Services (Landmarc) and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has commenced to create brand new training facilities at Garelochhead ranges in Scotland, representing an investment of over £3 million.

The project, which is due for completion in February 2017, will see the existing Garelochhead ranges transformed in to two new developments: a 100m Grouping and Zeroing (G&Z) range and a 600m Electronic Target Range (ETR). There will also be a single range building complex with classrooms, a targetry store and workshops, which will serve the two ranges.

Claire Travis, project manager for Landmarc Support Services explains:

“Landmarc works in partnership with DIO to provide services that support the vital training needed to prepare Britain’s Armed Forces for operational success.

“There is already a small range at Garelochhead, which is used extensively by the military. Unlike other projects, where we typically refurbish existing facilities, this is a brand new build, giving us real scope to deliver first class training facilities with DIO that are not only fit-for-purpose but sustainable too.

“This means that we will be making the best use of the natural surroundings, introducing rain water harvesting, using ground source heat pumps and providing a biodigester, as there is currently no sewerage on site.

“We are also reusing the waste material from the site to put in place a noise reduction bund to minimise the impact of noise pollution on the local community.”

Lt Col Mike Onslow, regional commander for DIO SD Training in Scotland said:

“DIO’s role is to maximise the potential of the Defence estate to support the Armed Forces. The investment in this site demonstrates our commitment to meeting the ever changing needs of the military.

“The new ranges at Garelochhead will bring enhanced training facilities, opportunities and cost savings for our Armed Forces as well as the MOD Police.

“This is a really exciting project because once completed Garelochhead will be the only area in the west of Scotland to have a 600m ETR range using SARTS and a 100m G&Z range with a pneumatic targetry swivel system. Units using both ranges will be able to practice Close Quarter Marksmanship (CQM) training.”

The completed ranges will predominantly cater for the Royal Navy’s submarine division, which is being relocated from its current site in Plymouth, as well as army personnel, army reservists and nuclear police.

New Range Location - Garelochhead
New range location at Garelochhead