Representatives from Landmarc Support Services, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), Mackenzie Construction and consulting engineers D J Goode and Associates have marked the start of major work to create brand new training facilities at Garelochhead ranges in Scotland with an informal turf cutting ceremony.

Garelochhead turf cutting

Representatives from Landmarc, DIO. MacKenzie Construction and consulting engineers D J Goode and Associates mark the start of major work to create new training facilities at Garelochhead.

The project represents an investment of over £3 million and will see the existing Garelochhead ranges transformed in to two new developments: a 100m grouping and zeroing (G&Z) range and a 600m Electronic Target Range (ETR). There will also be a single range building complex with classrooms, a targetry store and workshops, which will serve the two ranges.

Claire Travis, project manager for Landmarc, commented:

“Work is progressing well. The existing grenade range has now been demolished and the earthworks are in full force to prepare the ground for construction, which is due to begin in the next few weeks. All the waste material from the demolition and the earthworks is being re-used to install a noise reduction bund to minimise the impact of noise pollution on the local community. Other sustainable initiatives include biodigestion, rainwater harvesting and a ground source heat pump, which will start to be installed in early April.”

Lt Col Mike Onslow, regional commander for DIO SD Training in Scotland said:

“DIO is committed to improving the facilities and services that it provides to its armed forces and this project is a great example of how we are doing this. It’s exciting to see the project starting to take shape. This investment into new ranges will bring enhanced training facilities and opportunities to Garelochhead, as well as cost savings for our Armed Forces and the MOD police.”

The project is expected to be completed by February 2017.