This year’s National Apprenticeship Week theme is ‘apprenticeships work,’ showcasing how schemes can benefit both the employee, the employer and the wider community. 

For Tom Davidson, our Maintenance Manager at West Tofts Camp in the East region, it’s fair to say that he has first-hand experience of just how well ‘apprenticeships work’, having benefited throughout his career from the opportunities they have given him.

Tom started out as an apprentice electrician, learning his trade ‘on-the-job’ and gaining valuable skills for life.  Following a short period of sub-contracting for Landmarc, Tom opted for a career change and was appointed as a Maintenance Manager based in our East region.

Now, eight years on from his original apprenticeship, Tom is back learning new skills again, thanks to the training opportunities offered to him via the Apprenticeship Levy funding available here at Landmarc.

Tom explains:

“I’m a firm believer in on-the-job training and found that my original apprenticeship gave me a great grounding in the essential skills I needed to become a successful electrician, running my own business.

“But when I moved to Landmarc, I was really keen to develop my managerial skills, not simply by learning things organically day-by-day, but by supplementing my experience with some theoretical training that would teach me examples of best practice that I could implement in the workplace.

“So, when I was offered the opportunity to study for an HNC Level 4 in Construction and the Built Environment and an NVQ Level 4 at the same time, I jumped at the chance.

“My learning and development is all carried out on-site, rather than having to travel to college, which with a busy home and work life, really suits me. Of course, it takes time, as there is lots of remote learning and assignments to complete, so I have to be very self-disciplined, but I see my mentor every six weeks, who gives me lots of practical tips on how to implement the things I’ve learnt into the team environment.

“What would I say to anyone considering learning new skills through the apprenticeship levy? Quite simply, do it!  It’s a fantastic opportunity, funded by your employer so it costs you nothing… just lots of motivation and the willingness to succeed.”