On International Women’s Day, we talk to Jenna Adams-Snowdon, Area Delivery Manager in the East, who talks about her role on the military training estate being a woman working in defence.

When did you join Landmarc? 
“I started at Landmarc in December 2021 as an Area Delivery Manager looking after the East region.

What does a typical day look like to you? 
Each day is different to the next. One day I could be leading a team brief at Donna Nook, the next I could be checking fire breaks with the Training Safety Officer (TSO) at Colchester.

“I look after nine sites, and depending on their own individual needs, I split my time between Yardley Chase, West Tofts, Colchester, Barton Road, and Beckingham. Each site has its own challenges, opportunities and areas of focus which keeps me motivated and driven to ensure we deliver exceptional service to our customer and end users.

What is the best part about working for Landmarc? 
“The best part is working for a business that is inspiring both in leadership and values and in a role where I can have impact and growth.

“I believe that personal development is continual and you can enrich your perspective and approach by learning from people and the changing world around you. I have a passion for learning and am always working towards new skills and qualifications both personally and professionally.

What is the most rewarding part of your role? 
“I thrive off the energy of people, so given that the work we do is collaborative and involves many connections, I am in my element. Knowing that the job that I am doing is making a difference to people’s lives gives me absolute job satisfaction and makes me proud to be part of the Landmarc team.

“I am also provided with completehe autonomy, flexibility and trust to run an effective and efficient team. When I recognise strong performance, we work towards succession and development with our team members.

How do you feel you are making a difference? 
“I think that I am making a difference, not just to our people, our customers and our end users, but ultimately the world. We provide a safe place for our Armed Forces to train for the modern battlefield so working for Landmarc is unique and diverse, which you will never experience anywhere else.

“We encourage and recognise personal and professional growth and development and support a healthy work-life balance. By working collaboratively with the MOD, we have built a purposeful company that I am proud to be a part of.

What is it like being a woman working in defence?
“Being a woman in a predominantly male environment is empowering professionally. I am treated fairly and with equal respect. Personally, I have also been able to inspire my daughter to be strong and independent, giving her the confidence that she can achieve whatever she wishes. Through commitment, dedication, and self-belief everyone can succeed.”​