Debbie Jones-Green, Facilities Manager at Okehampton in the South West, has worked at Landmarc for 13 years, starting in the booking cell at Wyvern Barracks in 2005. In 2011 Debbie secured an administration role at Okehampton, where she remained until being encouraged to apply for the role of Facilities Supervisor at the start of the NTEP contract; Debbie was later promoted to her current role as Facilities Manager.

“My job involves lots of different tasks such as talking to units who arrive on recce, establishing their on camp requirements, allocating accommodation and facilities to their booking, deconflicting with units to ensure that everyone can achieve their training, making sure that one unit doesn’t receive all of the facilities to the detriment of other users, supporting the Landmarc team ensuring that camp cleanliness and health and safety standards are maintained and maintaining a working relationship and collaborating with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

Helping units achieve their training goals

“I enjoy meeting new people, informing them of the facilities we have and helping them to achieve their training goals. It’s really great when you hear units praising the standard of cleanliness of our camp – the team work really hard to achieve this with our aging buildings.

“Being able to re-engage with people that have crossed my path in previous roles and being able to assist them here at Okehampton in my present role is very satisfying.

Appreciating the benefits

“I appreciate the benefits that come with working for Landmarc. In this day and age, benefits such as the Health Assured Employee Assistance Programme, sick pay, pension, two days for volunteering, 3 days discretionary close down at Christmas, acknowledgement and reward for long service, and the list goes on …… are brilliant, it makes you feel acknowledged, we are very lucky.

“You can’t get on with everyone all of the time, but I think I work in a fantastic team. I have worked with some of them for many, many years and others for only a few years, but I think if you can have a laugh, a bit of banter and then get on with the job it makes it so much easier.

“My interest in psychology is my greatest asset in this role.  People are intriguing but with a willing team and a positive attitude Landmarc is a good company to work for.  Your team can make such a difference to how you feel about your working day.

“It can be challenging sticking to a work plan – it doesn’t matter what I plan on doing when I arrive, it can all be thrown in to disarray by what occurs such as a unit arriving for an unplanned recce, a requirement to amend bookings or the need for me to help by handing out or taking back Willsworthy Camp. Every day is different.

Putting a face to a name

“There have been lots of rewarding moments in my job, but the one that sticks out the most is going back to when I was employed at Wyvern Barracks in the booking cell. I would send out parcels to units that I knew were deployed and they would often write to say thanks.  One such unit was 42 Commando RM.  Whilst in my present role, a Royal Marine C/Sergeant came to conduct training at Okehampton Camp and I recognised his name as being one of the people that I had sent a parcel to.  It was great to be able to put a face to the name after all of those years and to help ensure that he had the facilities on camp to enable him to deliver training to his team.

A proud supporter of our Armed Forces

“I have always believed that we should support our armed forces and this role enables me to play a small part in enabling them to receive the training that enables them to do their job. I love my job and feel lucky to be working in such a special place.  I have always been and always will be a proud supporter of our armed forces.”