Margaret McQuarrie, Site Operative at Kirkcudbright Training Centre in Scotland and Northern Ireland, originally joined Landmarc as a cleaner on a six month contract to cover maternity leave and then progressed to her current role at the start of NTEP.

“I originally joined Landmarc to provide maternity cover for six months as a cleaner, but the opportunity arose for a job share with me working two days out of five and covering holidays. I was then employed full time by Landmarc on the 28th February 2011 as a General Hand.

“At the start of NTEP my terms and conditions changed and I became a Site Operative, the job I am currently doing, which I much prefer as there is a lot of variety and I get to learn more skills and meet new people.

No two days are the same

“My job consists of a variety of tasks including planned and preventative maintenance work, for example water flushing of little used outlets in all buildings across the estate, checking installed fire extinguishers are serviceable and weekly user testing of fire alarm systems. I also carry out cleaning tasks in the accommodation and administration buildings around the main camp area and on the ranges.

“Site Operatives are also involved in reactive maintenance work where any jobs raised from inspections etc. need to be repaired within a reasonable time according to the contract.

“Quite often I get involved with carrying out flag and barrier runs in the early morning prior to live firing taking place on the ranges and then completing down range clearances after the flags are raised and all security barriers are locked.  This is just a brief description of some of the many tasks I get involved with at Kirkcudbright, no two days are ever the same and it’s made all the better by working with friendly colleagues.

Taking pride in my role

“I really take pride in how the accommodation is handed over to visiting units and getting feedback on how well kept the buildings are is very motivating. I have had letters from visiting officers thanking me for my hard work and dedication, of which I am very proud.

“Work here is continuous and sometimes it is a challenge to meet deadlines however we are a good team and help each other out when needed. Getting out in the fresh air on the coastline at Kirkcudbright is stunning and definitely a real perk of the job, especially during the summer months.

Doing my bit for our Armed Forces

“Having worked in a military environment for the last eight years I feel I am doing my bit to keep our Armed Forces well trained by giving them the best facilities possible.

“I enjoy being a woman in defence and would recommend it to others, especially working for Landmarc as they have equal pay according to skill and not gender, a friendly work ethic, they don’t discriminate and they always have yours and others safety as a priority.”