Juliet Mabon, Team Manager at Lydd in the South East, has been working at Landmarc for 14 years. She was originally employed as a part time General Hand before being promoted to a management position one year into the NTEP contract. Here she gives us an insight into her life at Landmarc.

“I was originally employed as a General Hand in 2004. This was a job share that I had alongside my sister, which worked very well as it afforded us both the flexibility to enable us to continue working whilst bringing up our children.

Learning and development


“Over the years I progressed to a full time position and took a keen interest in other aspects of the business, becoming more involved in the operational aspects of running the camps. I was fortunate enough to have the full support of my line manager at the time who actively encouraged my learning and development. 


“One year into the NTEP contract I was successful in obtaining the role of Facilities Manager. At first this was challenging, as it was my first management position, but it was also hugely rewarding and I learnt a vast amount in a very short space of time.


“In 2018, the post of Team Manager became available and although I loved every aspect of my role as Facilities Manager, I saw this as an opportunity to further my knowledge and skills, particularly with regards to personnel management.


“I am now responsible for the management of 46 personnel including six Team Leaders. My duties include managing the workloads of teams and ensuring the allocation of resources to ensure we meet the daily requirements of both range and camp allocation, grounds maintenance and planned and preventative maintenance for Lydd, Crowborough and Mereworth. Alongside this I manage performance, attendance and behavior, capability, welfare, health & safety, record keeping, HR and training requirements.

Constantly learning 

“The best part of my job is the variety. No day is the same and you have to continually think on your feet to solve problems. Having said this, I find it hugely rewarding in that I am learning something new every day. I am constantly learning from each member of my team – their knowledge, passion and commitment to providing an excellent service to our end users and ensuring they meet their training objectives is an extremely rewarding aspect of the job.

Loved every minute

“Over the past 14 years of working for Landmarc I can honestly say that I have loved every minute, be that as a General Hand or a Team Manager. I have never had a day where I have not wanted to come into work, which is possibly unheard of in some other businesses. I have always felt supported, not only by the company, but my work colleagues and members of my team. It just goes to show that with a little bit of extra effort and the willingness to learn and try new things, the possibilities are there if you choose to take the challenge!”