This week marks National Apprenticeship Week, a five-day annual celebration of apprenticeships. 

Now in its twelfth year, this year’s theme is ‘Blaze A Trail’, highlighting how apprenticeships can be a viable alternative to further education and future career prospects. Employers and apprentices from across the country will come together to encourage more people to choose an apprenticeship, as well as educating new employers and the wider community on the many benefits.

To support the campaign, each day we are featuring an apprentice from a different area of our business. We kick the week off with Alain Brooker, Maintenance Technician in the South West, who is currently enrolled on a two year Level Three Diploma – Facilities Management Supervisor Apprenticeship. Here he talks about the benefits of the programme and his desire to progress his career as a result of it.


“I have been working as a Maintenance Technician for Landmarc since 2015 and this course has really helped me to look deeper into our activities and impacts as an organisation in a way that I would never have done from an electrician’s perspective alone.

“The hope that comes from the opportunity to progress my career and learn new things has been the main driver for me. My teenage self would have hated how corporate I am now, but I’m alright with that. I firmly believe that the more invested you are in your work, the more enjoyable it becomes.

Self-development increases job satisfaction 

“I have gained confidence from having a more in-depth understanding of the corporate activities that take place to support operations and the reason why we do things in a certain way. I also have confidence from the increased satisfaction that comes with self-development. This apprenticeship puts a lot of emphasis on the end user and our core business activities, so looking at how our day-to-day attitude can impact on the end user’s experience is helping me to deliver the best service that I can as well as increasing my own job satisfaction.


Line manager support is critical to success 

“The amount of reading I have to do is hard-going. I find it difficult to balance reading all the materials to learn as much as I can or just reading what is necessary to answer the relevant question. However, thanks to the support of my line manager, Jonathan Rose, I do not find it at all difficult to study whilst working as I have been given the time and support that I need. Without this support or the freedom that my line manager allows me, it would be impossible for me to complete such a demanding course.

“Online training is definitely harder than a classroom environment, but it is doable and I believe that you get out what you put in. Thanks to Lori Douglas and Jonathan I have had ample support. Between the two of them they have managed to smooth over the many bumps in the road, and whatever I go on to achieve as a result of this course, it will be because they were there to say yes, when other were saying no.

“I had a rocky start because it took a while to access the funds, which slowed down my progress and tested my commitment. I was also initially told no because I had no management experience. This was frustrating but by pushing for this apprenticeship it allowed me to prove to myself and others how much I wanted it. I believe that everybody should have the option to develop within the company and that Landmarc’s future will be brighter for it.

Taking advantage of future management opportunities 

“When I finish this apprenticeship, I will be well placed to take advantage of any management opportunities that may present themselves and I fully intend to make the most of it. I genuinely feel that the sky is the limit and I hope to continue to develop myself. Taking part in this apprenticeship has definitely increased the length of my career at Landmarc. I see that as the biggest benefit of training; it provides employees with potential, a future within the business and it opens up opportunities for career progression. It provides an incentive for ambitious employees to stay.


Be committed

“You have to have the drive and commitment to make it happen for yourself – if there is an apprenticeship you would like to complete, do the groundwork and present your line manager with an opportunity that is really going to benefit the team. This will show how committed you are to improving yourself and what you can offer to Landmarc.

“It is important that the opportunity to improve is available to all and that these opportunities filter down to staff at all levels. This will enable us to improve in all areas and present Landmarc as an intelligent organisation which I am proud to work for and cannot be rivalled.”