Last but by no means least. Gary Ford, Team Leader in the South East wraps up our celebration of National Apprenticeship Week by giving us the low down on his experience of studying a Level Three – Leadership and Management Apprenticeship.

“I have been with Landmarc since 2014 as Team Leader in the South East and I’m currently studying for a Level Three – Leadership and Management Apprenticeship.

“I’ve found the course very interesting, the subject matter covered was familiar to me but the way it was explained in the classroom sessions put some meat on the bones. As I was with a group made up from Transport For London apprentices this made the discussions and group exercises very interesting.

Overcoming challenges


“As part of the course there were nearly 150 videos to watch and then a test at the end of each one. Due to IT restrictions my work desktop computer would not play the videos so I fell behind quite quickly. I made up the time by spending one day a week at home for about six-eight weeks and did nothing but watch the videos and download the certificates. This enabled me to catch up quickly and was still within the 20% of committed time. My Team Manager was very supportive – when I asked for a day off per week to catch up on the videos he agreed immediately.

Invaluable classroom sessions 

“I found the course quite manageable once I had caught up with the videos, although I struggled to grasp a full understanding of the one file system that the course was run on; it would be great if this could be simplified. I spent a day every six weeks or so at a classroom session, normally in London, which was invaluable. Also I was able to complete the workbooks while at work, mostly at weekends.

“The course has enhanced and confirmed what I already knew and I have put some of the taught techniques in to practice already. Hopefully by completing the course, it will prove very valuable as I am looking to progress in Landmarc as far as my potential will take me.

Take the opportunity 

“I rate the programme very highly – if you get the opportunity, take it and give it 100%. It will enhance your knowledge and give you the potential for advancement in your professional career”.