Jackie Clarke, based at Kirkcudbright Training Centre in Scotland, began her life at Landmarc as a Site Operative before quickly progressing to Team Leader in just over six months. Here she tells us more about what she enjoys most about the role.

“My name is Jackie Clarke and I am currently employed as a Team Leader at Kirkcudbright Training Centre in South West Scotland. I initially joined Landmarc as a Site Operative after I was made aware of the post through a close friend who worked for the company. I applied and was successful in my application.


From Site Operative to Team Leader in just seven months 

“During my time as a Site Operative I carried out tasks such as general maintenance, housekeeping duties and handover and take back of facilities. I really enjoyed this but when a post for Team Leader became available, I was keen to further my career and get more involved with the day to day running of the site. Again, I was successful in securing the post and with encouragement and guidance from my manager and colleagues, I have been able to enhance my skills, which is helping me to continue to grow and develop.

Being a Team Leader 

“My Team Leader tasks are varied. They involve briefing the team about schedules, arranging and prioritising work and delegating duties within an acceptable timeframe so that we meet the daily demands on time. It is important that these tasks are completed effectively and safely so that our facilities and ranges are always operational. I like the fact that I can make decisions and that my managers are content and trust the judgements that I make to control the day to day running of how our daily tasks are carried out. My IT skills are a challenge though – just ask anyone on site!

Ensuring Units achieve maximum potential 

“I am very passionate about my job and find it really rewarding, especially when End Users give us satisfying feedback and commend our team for their assistance and commitment in fulfilling their training needs.

“The best part is going out on recces with Units who have never been to the site before. It allows me to pass on my knowledge and advice about all of our facilities to ensure Units achieve the maximum potential from each of our assets to meet their training requirements.

Trusted and supported

“During my time as an employee with Landmarc they have made me feel that I am trustworthy and have shown me support. Recently I sustained a knee injury at home, which left me on crutches. My recovery was slow but Landmarc was very supportive and I am now almost fully recovered. I am extremely grateful to be working for a forward thinking company that has supported me through this injury.

A great team 

“I like working with all the staff at Kirkcudbright. We are a relatively small group, who work well as a team with many laughs along the way. Not to mention the location of our site with its glorious sea view, which is stunning on a sunny day.

“I admire Landmarc for the company that they are. They put the safety and wellbeing of their staff first and offer continual development for each individual to enhance their skill set. I’ve had numerous jobs throughout my career which I have enjoyed but this is by far is the best.”