Tam Noble recently joined Landmarc as Foreign Forces Account Manager, based at Head Office. Tam has spent most of his life in a military career, with 38 years’ experience in the Parachute Regiment where he served in the Falklands and was awarded the Mention in Dispatches for Gallant Service.


Supporting Defence engagement

“I work as part of the Business Development team specifically to promote the use of the estate to foreign forces who want to come here and train. I also ensure that Landmarc generates good investment into the estate, whilst also ensuring that we support Defence engagement with the Army and DIO. This collaboration is crucial to ensuring that we can maximise effectiveness.

“I can be dealing with up to 15 overseas units at a time, stretching across the globe from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Belize, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Ukraine and the USA. The biggest challenge is ensuring that they all receive the support they need from the presentation of the initial bid to the end of the exercise, and when that comes off it is very rewarding knowing that the unit is leaving satisfied and wants to come back.

“The foreign forces that use the estate are always pleased with the support they receive from both Landmarc and DIO when conducting training. They are however, somewhat overwhelmed by the size of our training areas and the multitude of locations that are on offer to them. I am here to ensure they get the best advice to enable our foreign forces to exploit the wide range of training facilities available so that they are fully prepared for the constant change in the global threat.

Strong military career

“I have worked most of my life in a military career developing new skills and building experience with International Units and Overseas Training, so I am well placed to engage with our foreign partners, build relationships with them and ensure that they get the support they need when using our estate for training.

“Having spent nine years in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, my background is varied with particular specialisms including Project Management, Military Science, International Risk Security Management, Range Management Planning and Conduct, Change Management, Systems Approach to Training (SAT) Methodology/ Course Design, Defence Contribution to Resilience and Terrorism Studies at St Andrews University.

Flexibility and job satisfaction

“I appreciate the flexibility of being trusted to get on with the job myself and also the dolly mix of jobs that I get involved with while supporting foreign forces; there is never a dull moment! Nothing can beat the job satisfaction that I get when I visit the units training and the support is in place, providing good quality for the money they have invested.

“I’ve only been with Landmarc for five months but my advice to anyone considering a career with us would be that the opportunities are vast for progression, go and grab them!”