To mark National Apprenticeship Week we are featuring a series of apprentices at different stages of their courses. Today we meet Heather Young, Team Administrator at Air Weapons Range (AWR) Pembrey Sands in Wales and West, who is a third of the way through her 18 month Level Four Diploma in Facilities Management and Practice. Here she talks about her experience.

“Currently I work as a Team Administrator at AWR Pembrey Sands in the Wales and West region. In the future, as my daughter grows up, I aspire to progress my career within Landmarc and have confidence that completing this apprenticeship will add value and significance to my next career step.


Growing in knowledge and confidence

“The course is very interesting and relatable to my role within Landmarc. I have been most interested in learning about current legislation and how this is implemented within the business. I’m now a third of the way through my apprenticeship and feel that I have a greater knowledge and understanding of Landmarc as a business. My confidence in areas such as legislation, health and safety and people management has grown exponentially.

“So far, I feel I have gained the most knowledge and understanding from the strategy and strategic planning unit as it has made me think of the business as a whole rather than just the site or region I work in.


Challenges of balancing work, life and study time

“At times, I can find the work/life/study balance challenging, I have a young daughter and cannot always find a quiet moment at home to open my laptop and concentrate, but the structure of the course generally works well. I attend college once a month and have to submit one assignment per month.

“My line manager is incredibly supportive and makes it possible for me to attend my college sessions. Other colleagues are also very helpful and answer any questions I may have regarding policies and procedures.

Commitment and dedication to the course

“To anyone considering an apprenticeship, make sure you do your research. There are so many different courses available throughout the country, make sure you choose one that will be valuable to your current role and also for your own personal learning and development.

“I am so pleased to have been given this opportunity and would recommend it to anyone. Of course you must take your personal time into consideration, as commitment and dedication to the course is definitely required. However, if you want to do it, I would urge you to just go for it!”