‘Build the Future’ is this year’s theme for National Apprenticeship Week; focusing on how employers train, retain and achieve with apprenticeships. 

It’s certainly the case here at Landmarc, where our apprenticeship scheme extends not only to some of our newer, young recruits, but to many of our ex-military employees too – which make up more than 25 per cent of our workforce. 

So, this year, we are using National Apprenticeship Week to shine a light on some of our veteran team members, who are undertaking apprenticeships to gain valuable qualifications that compliment many of the military skills they already possess. 

And what better place to start than by catching up with Carl (Louie) Lewin, our Talent Development Manager, himself an ex Royal Lancers, who heads up career development at Landmarc. 

Carl Lewin
Ex Royal Lancer and Landmarc Talent Development Manager Carl (Louie) Lewin, discusses how we’re building the future for our veteran apprentices.

Here’s what Louie had to say:

“At Landmarc, when it comes to managing the UK Defence Training Estate, our vision is very clear.  We are here to provide the best training experience for our Armed Forces and support the communities that live and work on the Estate, however and wherever that support is required.

“As such, many of the services that we deliver require an in-depth understanding of the military environment to ensure the Estate provides best-in-class training facilities for our troops.

“It’s one of the key reasons why over 25 per cent of our workforce is made up of veterans; ex-servicemen and women who bring a specialist mix of niche skills and expertise gained from their time in the forces.

“However, while our veteran employees come to us equipped with many of the valuable skills we require, such as project management or leadership capabilities, often, they do not possess a recognised qualification.

“At Landmarc, we of course understand how this military experience can prove so valuable in our future success – the ability to make quick decisions, to lead teams, to maintain rigorous safety standards to name a few.  And, we also appreciate the differences in the civilian sector, around some of the key leadership skills such as conflict management, influencing and team motivation.

“It’s an area that can be really challenging for some veterans as they transition into a civilian career, as some employers fail to recognise the true value, as well as the transferable nature, of these skills.

Building the future

“It’s for this reason that we have committed to the Government’s guaranteed interview scheme for veterans; ensuring that all ex-service personnel that have the appropriate skills and experience for the role are offered an interview.

“And, it’s also why we have created our career development pathway – using our levy fund to offer apprenticeship opportunities to our veterans, as well as upskilling existing employees.

“We have a number of ex-military employees undertaking apprenticeships – you’ll hear more about some of the team during the week – in areas as diverse as facilities management, project management to Chartered Management Institute (CMI)-recognised qualifications  and rural management.

Supportive at every stage

“As for me, I too have benefitted from the support offered to upskill and gain a qualification. Since leaving the Royal Lancers in 2016, I used my military Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) to gain a degree in Leadership and Management from Cumbria University as well as an ILM level 7 (Masters level) in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

“I’ve been working at Landmarc for just over a year now and am also enjoying putting some of the skills I have been fortunate to gain to good use within Landmarc and also as a mentor for SSAFA.

“As a mentor I provide one-to-one mentoring support to serving personnel, veterans and their families during transition and for up to two years post discharge. This can include confidence building, career planning, job application support and preparation for more critical support such as finding accommodation and mental health support.

“Build the Future… I don’t think there could be a better way of describing the incredible value, and the difference that an apprenticeship can offer a veteran. At Landmarc it really is about building the future for all our employees – upskilling, retraining and supporting the whole team for whatever their future careers have in store.”