“Our vision is to provide the best training experience for our Armed Forces, enhancing their knowledge, skills and effectiveness to better deploy on frontline operations and return home safely.”

As the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)’s industry partner for the management and operation of the UK Defence Training Estate, our primary responsibility is to provide the support services that enable our servicemen and women to better deploy on frontline operations and return home safely.

This vision is something that military veteran and Landmarc’s range and training area expert, Martin Burke, can really relate to and every day he strives to provide the most realistic training environment possible with his team so that our Armed Forces have everything they need to train safely and sustainably. Here, he tells us what Landmarc’s vision means to him.

“I left the army in 1981 where I joined the Ministry of Defence (MOD) as a Range Warden and then as an Electrician. In 1989, I was offered a post as a Targetry Technician with a large defence company before re-joining the MOD as a Technical Officer at Hythe and Lydd in Kent a few years later. I TUPE transferred to Landmarc in 2003 as a Training Area Manager and have been the company’s range and training area subject matter expert for the last 10 years.

“Realistic training ensures skills can be practiced over and over to the point where “taking the right option” becomes second nature. Life-changing decisions are presented to servicemen and women in theatre and the training facilities that we provide enable them to prepare for them.

“On a daily basis we challenge how we do things, assessing new technologies, or more often assessing existing technologies that are suddenly more affordable in order to provide a value for money enhancement on the training estate. I am a firm believer in providing defined, practical, and sustainable systems/processes that will be in use long after I have moved on.

“As a former soldier, I have a clear understanding of the benefits our work have on the military; this is what continues to drive me on to the next task and at the same time it provides me with tremendous job satisfaction to see a good outcome.

“A clear vision for the business is important, it means we have a sense of purpose. Understanding why we are here, coupled with an insight into how things can be improved, allows us to develop and then prioritise our plans.  This is key to developing our own strategies to deliver the high-quality services that our Armed Forces deserve.”