As a business where veterans and reservists make up 25 per cent of our employees, it is extremely important for us to use and expand on the skills that can be unique to those who have served.  

Many of our veteran employees are adding valuable qualifications, which support their military background and skills, by undertaking an apprenticeship. This is exactly what our Bridging Manager at Wyke Regis Training Area, Carl Card has taken on:

“I joined Landmarc in 2014, after working as an MOD civil servant, and as a member of the Royal Corps of Transport and Royal Engineer Reservists after that, meaning throughout my whole career I’ve been immersed in military life.

“Although being an experienced manager of over 20 years, I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, which is why I was interested in studying for a Level 5 apprenticeship in Operations/Departmental Management. It’s an 18-month long course which I’m now 75 per cent of the way through!

“I have a desire to always remain ‘current, competent and qualified.’ I’m always encouraging my own team to take up learning opportunities, so it’s only right that I lead by example, and subsequently understand the pressures of my team and what is required of them when completing their own training modules.

“To my surprise, I’ve found that my apprenticeship already recognises a lot of my previous qualifications, and combined with my experience, this compliments the criteria requirements.

“In my learnings, I’ve carried out research on several modern and historic management models, and it is very interesting to observe how employee behaviours are perceived today when compared against previous generations’ ideas.

“Without having completed the course yet, I have seen how my apprenticeship has affected my role at Landmarc. In the last few months, I have taken on several members of staff and have subsequently been applying my newfound knowledge to help ensure that my department moves with the times and embraces change positively.

“I am a firm believer that you are never too old to learn something new! This course will be invaluable to me personally, because although I’m entering my last few years of working full time, I want to be able to share as much of my knowledge and experience as possible, and ultimately when I retire, leave my colleagues in a good position to face the challenges of the future, whatever it may bring!”

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