The 8th of March marks International Women’s Day, but at Landmarc we’ve decided to make this annual event a week-long celebration, spotlighting just some of the amazing women we work alongside.

​One person who knows all too well what it’s like to be a woman at Landmarc is Site Operative in our Wales and West region, Mair Warrilow, who started with Landmarc over a decade ago as a Service Administrator and has since moved into her current role as Site Operative.


“My job title may be Site Operative, but I am a woman with many different hats. My role involves the day-to-day management of fuel, vehicles, and plant and machinery in the Wales and West region, but it’s so much more than that. I never know what the day ahead of me might be like, so sometimes I’ll have to drop everything to meet unexpected high priority challenges, and that’s what makes my role so interesting.

Building up a rapport

“My favourite thing about what I do is being in close liaison with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), other military units and Landmarc staff across the Defence Training Estate, just being able to meet various people on a daily basis that I would never otherwise encounter. My colleagues are fantastic, and we’ve built up a good rapport.

Embracing opportunities

“I believe Landmarc understands its employees’ needs and works with everyone to help them achieve their goals. I was involved with fleet and fuel management prior to joining the business, but on a much smaller scale for a civilian company. Over the years since joining Landmarc, I have attended many courses to help develop my skills and knowledge, such as Motor Transport Supervisor, Management of the Joint Deployed Inventory (MJDI), and Fuels & Lubricants Manager. Landmarc’s approach to learning and development is excellent, and I always feel as though I’m encouraged to take every opportunity I can.

Supporting our Armed Forces

“I have worked in male-dominated environments throughout my career, so being a woman in this industry isn’t really something that phases me. I do feel that being a woman has allowed me to bring added empathy and courteousness to my role, although these are qualities we should all show, no matter our gender. To me, there should be no discrimination when it comes to hiring or promotion, as we all possess the same or similar skills, and although I feel this belief is one I share with Landmarc as an organisation, I know many other environments and companies are not as fortunate.

“To be a woman in defence is very rewarding as it gives me great job satisfaction to be able to go above and beyond in helping our Armed Forces. My advice to any woman interested in working in defence or facilities management is just to go for it! It’s a real opportunity to meet people from all over the world.”