International Women’s Day is all about recognising women’s strengths and achievements. This year’s theme, #BreakTheBias, is pushing employers and colleagues alike to value and celebrate women’s achievements – from the momentous to the day-to-day – and show support along the way.

​Megan Stewart, Quantity Surveyor for Scotland and Northern Ireland has only been a member of the Landmarc team since September 2021, however, she has already noticed the effects of having an amazing support system around her at work.

Taking on a new challenge

“I initially applied for a role at Landmarc because I was keen for a new challenge, and there just wasn’t the opportunity to develop at my previous job. I am now responsible for assisting and supporting a variety of management processes, including commercial, project and supply chain management and Contract Risk Management processes. I ensure everything is fit for purpose for contract delivery.

“Since joining Landmarc in September, my biggest challenge has been learning the different Landmarc processes – but this is exactly why I went for the role, so I’ve loved getting my head around it all.

Building on experience

“I applied for my role at Landmarc in the hope it would open up more opportunities for me, and I have not been disappointed! I really feel as though my previous experience and knowledge has been recognised and nurtured at Landmarc, and I’ve been asked to support other departments within the business because of this. The opportunities, my lovely colleagues, and a genuine interest in what we do for the MOD really keeps me happy here.

“I honestly feel so valued at Landmarc. I have worked in male-dominated environments for ten years, and this is the first company I have worked for where I’m witnessing genuine equality. I’m not made to feel uncomfortable because of my gender, and I often see men supporting their female colleagues in their successes – it’s truly like a breath of fresh air.

Determined to climb the career ladder

“As we move towards the future, it’s vital that women are no longer looked at differently from men within the workplace. This is slowly changing, but there is still a long way to go.

​Women shouldn’t feel ashamed to want to work full time, aim for progression, promotions or qualifications, just because it is assumed we’ll start families and leave the workplace. Whatever goals we have outside of work, even if that does include children, does not influence the hard work and determination we have to climb the career ladder. We have the freedom to make our own choices and have every right to aim high in our careers as much as our male counterparts, and in no way should that be affected because of our gender.

“As our sector develops, it’s only going to get progressively better for gender equality. We are becoming more aware of female empowerment and are learning to support, value and celebrate each other now more than ever.”