Gender equality is, of course, the end goal for International Women’s Day and for all that support the movement. Jenna Adams-Snowdon, Area Delivery Manager in our East region and one of our newest team members, is someone that feels passionately about this.​

“The very thing that encouraged me to apply for a role at Landmarc was based on its mission, vision, values and behaviours. Working for a company that supports our Armed Forces, being able to make a difference to quality service delivery, and being leaders in sustainability were all aspects of the business that really appeal to me in terms of my professional aspirations.

Trust and autonomy

“As an Area Delivery Manager, my role is to ensure any requirements for contract delivery are fully met, within budget, and in accordance with National Training Estate Prime modules, company policy and statutory obligations.

“I’m seven weeks into my role now, so my main challenge at the moment is just taking everything in and learning, especially all the acronyms! I’m loving the variety of my region; each site visit adds something new to my week. As well as this, the support network across the whole company is just brilliant, and I really feel as though I’ve been welcomed on board having been given trust and autonomy from the get-go.

An inclusive working environment

“I am confident working in a male-dominated environment. My career history has allowed me to work with a wide variety of individuals with varied backgrounds, cultures, genders, and ethnicities, which has opened me up to so many different ways of thinking. Working in a heavily male-dominated environment can be daunting to some, as it was for me at the start of my career at age 18, but I have seen that if you have the right attitude and an opportunity, you can succeed in any role – regardless of the workforce gender split.

“I believe that being a woman in any sector brings a level of understanding and the ability to see the effects of gender inequality – pay gaps, barriers to promotion, bias against mothers, work-life balance, as well as unconscious bias. From my point of view, it is vital to the success of any organisation to have an inclusive working environment, this adds multiple perspectives and means we’re thinking about and tackling problems for all, not just a small subset.

Leading by example

“On average, a woman will only apply for a job if she meets 100% of the criteria advertised, whereas a man may apply even if he only meets 50%. And even now, the average median salary for men is 18% higher than a woman’s.

“There is still so much work to do within society to tackle issues like these. Gender equality and developing women in business is a subject close to my heart. Having worked in male-dominated environments throughout my career, I have always been determined to challenge the bias women experience within and out of the workplace (my nanna always said I would have been a suffragette!) To stamp out inequality, we must lead by example as people, parents, employers, and as individuals. Women should be able to be assertive and direct leaders, despite the societal and cultural expectations that still exist.

“I would absolutely recommend Landmarc as an employer for women interested in this sector. From what I’ve witnessed so far in my few weeks here, no one is discriminated against based on their gender. I have been made to feel so welcome by all, with men and women alike asking for my support and guidance. I feel as a woman within Landmarc, you can achieve as much or as little as you want in terms of development, growth and inclusion.”