Although the number of women working in what are considered male-dominated sectors is increasing, still in 2022 the percentage of women in higher management, director and board positions is in the minority. Promoting the development, success and growth of women in the workplace can work towards a more diverse boardroom, where more perspectives are heard and decisions are made to benefit people from all walks of life.

Kirsty Pearce, Corporate Services Director at Landmarc’s head office, has been a member of the team since 2002 when the business was announced as the preferred bidder for the Vanguard Contract. Twenty years later, Kirsty has worked her way up within the business into one of the top roles.

Moving through the ranks

“In my twenty years at Landmarc I’ve gained so much experience from a range of managerial and more recently, director roles. Firstly employed as Quality Manager, I have since undertaken the titles of Business Systems Manager, left to support the National Training Estate Prime (NTEP) bid as Bid Project Manager, returned as Business Manager when Landmarc won the NTEP contract in 2014, progressed to Operations Director, and since January 2022 I have undertaken my new role as Corporate Services Director.

“This is a brand-new role with no footsteps I can follow in, so I’m leading the way and setting the precedent. My role will be responsible for our support functions such as the National Service Centre (NSC), HR, Quality, Sustainability and Environmental Services, as well as data management.

A great team

“The one main factor that has kept me at Landmarc over the past twenty years has definitely been the people. We deliver such a range of services that all employees develop a wealth of knowledge and experience, which makes for fascinating conversation.

“The Defence Training Estate is such a beautiful and unique working environment; I feel so privileged to be able to visit so many amazing locations across the UK where every day is different. I really feel as though I’m making a difference by working at Landmarc, whether it’s to the customer, end-user or my peers.

Empowered to make decisions

“No matter what role I’ve undertaken at Landmarc, I’ve always felt empowered to make decisions and act on them, knowing that if it didn’t work out, it could be reviewed or amended without judgement. We should never be afraid to challenge the status quo and make decisions as long as we can support the reason we made them in the first place.

Breaking down barriers

“I’ve worked in male-dominated environments for 25 years, so I must enjoy it! I believe that as a woman I’m bringing a different thought process to each room I walk in. Everyone thinks differently, but I think a woman’s perspective can break down some barriers that perhaps a man may not want to tackle.

“Gender equality is certainly an improving picture, but there’s still a long way to go. Landmarc itself has changed over the years, and it’s fantastic to see more women in the business across all our roles. Landmarc doesn’t differentiate – if you have the right credentials for the job, we will always encourage anyone to put themselves forward. The business will always benefit from a more diverse team.

“No one is an expert at the start of their career or a new job, no matter their gender. I think the first step is to be confident and remember it’s ok to not have all the answers. Our sector is so diverse and the only way to learn is to ask questions and challenge the way things are done, there is always an opportunity to do better.”